I Took Lifebook Online By Jon Butcher On Mindvalley: Here’s My Review

One thing I’ve learned is that you can’t be truly productive unless you are doing things that matter to your life. Lifebook Online helps you get clear on what you want in your entire life, not just in one area. If you want more clarity in life, then Jon Butcher can help you get it in a way that no one else can. His belief is clear – if you are going to find the answers you want then you need to look inside of you because no one else can help you find them. In other words, most programs are geared towards telling you how things should be, but Lifebook Online is geared towards helping you get clear on who you are and who you should be. It’s unique in that way, and I think that most people will benefit from it.

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What Lifebook Online Is All About

If you are reading this Lifebook Online review, then there’s a good chance that you already know what Jon Butcher covers. Maybe you’ve watched the free Masterclass with Jon and Missy or maybe you’ve just heard seen them talking in a video somewhere about Lifebook. But, if you haven’t heard about the program, then let me explain quickly what it is.

This is a course to help you get to know more about yourself, what you want, where you want to be, who you want to be, and what your life vision should look like. It looks at 12 different areas of your life and helps you dig into them through a variety of exercises.

The areas include:

  1. Health and fitness
  2. Intellect
  3. Emotions
  4. Character
  5. Spirituality
  6. Love relationships (Even if you are single, you can benefit from this one)
  7. Parenting (Even if you don’t have kids, this one can be applied to kids in your life or kids in general)
  8. Social life
  9. Financial life
  10. Career
  11. Quality of life
  12. Life vision

By the way, you may find yourself creating your own personal chapters as you go along.  That’s the beauty of Lifebook Online – it allows you to be yourself and create a book that resonates with you in all areas that YOU find important.

Each week you look at two different aspects of your life. You kick off the program by looking at your health and fitness and intellectual life.

He approaches each category with a video, where he talks about beliefs you may have and helps you see the potential that there is in those categories.

I found myself stretching my beliefs around what I thought was possible. Even though I had taken a light version of Lifebook before, I found that Lifebook Online helped me dig deeper than I had previously. These videos are more in-depth. This is a structured process to help you get clear on your life the vision you hold for it – a process that he says he’s perfected over the years as himself, his wife, and students have gone through the Lifebook process.

Dig Deep Before You Create The Habits And Structure To Get What You Want

Lifebook Online is great for getting clear on who you are and what you want. When you get a clear vision of who you are and where you want to be, you can come up with more defined goals and create a better schedule for yourself.

I always think of the following quote by Deepak Chopra when I think about having and creating goals. It’s a great reminder that if you put your focus on the things you want, then they can grow – which is why creating specific goals in all areas of your life is so important.

“Water brings life to a garden when you direct it at each plant, but water sprayed aimlessly in the air has no purpose and therefore brings little benefit.” – Deepak

Jon says you have to go through the entire program and create your life vision before you can really create the habits and structure to help you reach your goals. Before that, you are simply looking deeper into each area of your life and making discoveries about yourself and what you want.

Although, I found that I’ve adopted new habits in my life simply because I realized how badly I want some things. For instance, I started drinking a green smoothie more often. I know it sounds small, but I’ve known in the back of my mind that we need to incorporate more greens in our diet, yet I don’t cook with them often! While I was working on my health and fitness chapter in Lifebook, I realized that I could no longer ignore the need to get those greens in our diets, and smoothies (recommended by Jon and his wife Missy) seemed like the ideal way to do it.

Start Off With The Assessment

There is an assessment that you do. A lot of people were shocked when they did their assessment and realized that things were not as they seemed.

One woman talked about how she realized her relationship was not OK and she needed to do something quickly to help bring it back up to life. Before that, she just accepted her relationship for what it was, but the awareness that the assessment brought her helped her see that she couldn’t accept it if she wanted to be fully happy in other areas.

On a scale from strongly disagree to strongly agree, you will pick where you fit in for a variety of statements in each category of your life. When you are done, you get a visual report that helps you get a clearer vision of your individual life categories, how you are doing in them, where your strengths lie, and which category you really want to focus on.

Lifebook Online Is Community-Driven – Which Is Important

One of the great things about the quest format in Mindvalley is that you don’t just start on any day. You start on a particular day with a bunch of other people, which means that you can move through the course day-by-day with a group and discuss concepts, share ideas, and feel connected. It’s exactly like starting a class with a group of other people, except the class is on Facebook. And, all the people from past quests are on there as well.

I found that for Lifebook Online, other people’s ideas were important. The diversity in the group was awesome and inspiring. There were many people who felt comfortable to share deep concerns and problems. And there were many people ready to offer a solid piece of advice or words of wisdom.

People were making connections in the Lifebook Online Facebook group with others who lived close to them or had similar interests. I’m sure there were many people who met offline and had one big thing in common – working towards the life of their dreams.

You don’t have to participate in the Facebook group, but I suggest you do it. Even if you don’t say anything, you will find a lot of helpful and inspiring posts there.

Don’t Take Lifebook Online If You Are Not Going To Do The Work

It’s important that you want to do the exercises and examine your life. If not, listening to Jon Butcher talk may help you think about some stuff, but it’s not going to impact your life the way doing the work does.

This quest is about figuring out who you are, not about listening to someone else talk. He just gives you the direction you need to look into each area of your life. You have to do the work.

If You’ve Done A Ton Of Personal Development, Will Lifebook Online Help You?

This is a hard question to answer.

I have done a ton of personal development in my life, and I found value in the program. In fact, I’m one of those people who will be moving forward and taking the last leg of the Lifebook program.

But, there were some people who didn’t find it valuable and were vocal about it in the Facebook group.

I would suggest that you try it as there is a 100% refund policy when you finish the program. As long as you do the work, you can request a refund at the end of the program and get everything you paid back.

So, for 6 weeks, you can try it out, do the work, and if it didn’t help you, then the worst that happened is you thought about your life possibly a little harder than you were before.

Should You Take This Lifebook Quest?

If you have a clear vision of where you are going and goals that help you move towards that vision, then maybe not. You may not get a lot out of this Lifebook quest.

He does have a few insights that you may benefit from – after all, he’s been reflecting on these 12 areas of life for years. But, if you are happy with your life, and have a vision you are moving towards, then you may not get a lot out of Lifebook Online.

That said, most people will benefit from it. I don’t know too many people who look at all 12 areas of their life that he talks about. If you heard about Lifebook Online before you read this review, and you were interested in it, then I would suggest at least trying out. It may be your intuition telling you that you need to get clearer on some areas of your life.

Through the journey, you will start to see how each area of your life can impact other areas of your life in a big way, and it becomes apparent which areas of your life are going to have the most impact on your complete life vision.

Even though you need to start on a specific day, and you only get access to one week at a time, you will get lifetime access to the complete Lifebook Online program once you are done – if you don’t take advantage of the refund. That means you can go back and look over the program, take it again, or just listen to the webinars with Jon and Missy at your convenience.

If you are interested, I recommend taking the masterclass with Jon and Missy here. It gives you an idea of who they are and how they can help you. You can also learn more about the program, including the next start date, here on the enrollment page


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