10 Quotes By Alan Watts That Could Help End A Struggle You Are Having

Alan Watts talked about human existence in a way that was poetic and easy to understand. If you are struggling with something in life, there is probably an Alan Watts quote that can help you see things differently and help you handle your suffering, if not end it. Following are some Alan Watts quotes that are inspiring to the soul.

1. Up And Down We Go

There is no on without off, no up without down.

Alan Watts Quotes

If you are in a down, get excited, but you are going to have to go up.

And, if you are in an up don’t expect to stay there forever.

Life is full of ups and downs because life is not perfect. That’s just the way it is. Expect both the downs and ups without anxiety but with the knowledge that it’s the way life works. Doing that will help you appreciate all that life has to offer and look forward to the future with the faith of good times to come.


2. Stop Playing Pretend

Alan Watts quotes

This is something I learned in Becoming Limitless from Vishen Lakhiani.

There are many people in this world pretending that they are victims and that they have no control over their lives.

There are many people who feel small and weak and are just going through the motions.

But, when they are ready to wake up and start learning that they have more control than they think, they stop seeing themselves as victims and start seeing themselves as creators.

3. Stop Being A Puppet

Alan Watts Quote Puppet

Alan Watts said that you are the whole universe. You are big. This can be a hard concept to visualize, but once you start to accept that you have a lot of power, you start to see how true it is.

You are not less than anything in the universe. You are one with it. You just come in your own style.

Don’t let anything push you around – make your decisions, tell you what to do, control how you feel, control where you go, or anything else.

You don’t need a puppeteer because you are not a puppet. You can make your own choices, move your own direction, and go where you want to go.

4. Leave Your Mind Alone If You Want It To Be Quiet

Do you worry? This Alan Watts quote is for you.

You don’t want to try to quiet your mind. Just leave it alone. If you are overthinking, stop trying to stop thinking because that just leads to more thinking. When you stop trying to force your mind to be quiet, it can settle down and become quiet.

I’ve found the best way to do that is to distract yourself when thoughts come up with something like a walk, a TV show, or a phone call to a friend.

But, even better, is praying. By praying, you are letting go and giving your worry to someone or something else, and that can really help you still your mind and relieve some anxiety and worry.

5. It’s Always Right Now

Alan Watts Quote Live In The Moment

If you are in a state of distraction, the moment is lost on you completely. And that’s incredibly sad because you only ever have the moment.

The only time you can truly enjoy what’s happening or put all your energy into something is right now. The good news is that it’s always right now. You don’t have to wait. You didn’t miss your opportunity. You have the moment, right now, to fully live. So, do it.

6. Life Loses Its Magic When…

Alan Watts Quote On Magic In Life

This is my favorite Alan Watts quote as of right now. It’s a huge reminder that when we start focusing on survival and profit, we stop enjoying the magic of life. We can’t see all the wonders coming to us because we are too focused on the bottom line.

Alan Watts says this is why dying isn’t a terrible thing. We lose the magic in life and when we die, someone else comes to birth and gets an entirely new view.

I’d like to think that I can just get the magic back at any age I’m at with a little desire and a shift in focus.

7. Don’t Be Led By Money

Alan Watts Money Quote

Money is great. But, it’s not everything. In fact, when it becomes your sole focus, you miss out on relationships, amazing moments, and other life experiences.

Life is about living, and if you are focused on the money, then you are wasting your time.

8. Live On Purpose

Alan Watts quote life

This is why Alan Watts said it’s important to consider the question – what do you desire? When you know what you desire, you can live life your way and stop living a life against the grain of who you are and what you want.

This is probably why the Level 10 Life concept or Lifebook on Mindvalley is so popular. They both help people ask questions that give them insight into what they desire.

9. Don’t Dwell On Your Mistakes

Alan Watts Mistakes

This is another great Alan Watts quote that you can use to forgive yourself from past issues.

Alan Watts says that you can’t make a mistake, no matter what you do, because it always works out somehow or another. He says that every path is right. With each mistake, you will develop confidence and trust your own intuition.

When you view yourself as a cloud, shifting and transforming and never getting stuck, you can see that one mistake is not you – it was something you moved through or a part of your journey.

10. Embrace Change

Alan Watts Quote Change

What a wonderful image! Change is always happening – or the possibility of change, and that can cause stress as we wonder what’s going to happen.

As Alan Watts says, we need to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance! In other words, go with the flow and allow it to happen. Don’t try to resist it or things are going to get ugly and upsetting.

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