Be More Confident About Vegan Cooking With These 5 Quotes About Vegan Recipes

When you first go vegan, you may find yourself scouring the grocery stores to find already made and packaged vegan food. But, if you are like me, you will spend a lot of money figuring out that a lot of the packaged food just doesn’t hit the spot. Sure, you may find some vegan ice-cream, hot dogs, burgers, and cheeses that you like, but more often than not, you will feel like you are missing something. That’s where vegan recipes come in. There are so many great vegan blogs out there with recipes that you can try, tweak, and make your own. Once I realized that I was able to build myself up an army of staple vegan recipes, life changed. And I’m still finding new vegan recipes that are kicking my old recipes’ asses.

Be Confident With Your Vegan Recipes

1. There Are So Many Delicious Vegan Recipes Out There

“Look for any vegan recipes and go for it! You’ll be surprised.” – Mike Cervello

Mike Cervello doesn’t eat meat, but he’s not completely vegan. Yet, he knows that vegan recipes can be pretty damn good.

When I used to think of vegan recipes, I thought of vegetables on a plate. That’s literally all I pictured when I wasn’t a vegan.

Now I know better.


Yes, vegan recipes often use vegetables, but there are different ways of preparing and combining them to give you the ultimate ‘Yum!’ taste.

Even something that may not look tasty, like potato and carrot ‘cheese’ (see video below) may surprise you.

Bottom line: You need to try out the recipe before you write it off. You may be surprised! It’s just like clothes. Sometimes they don’t look great on the hanger, but on your body, they are banging!

And may I suggest that if one vegan recipe doesn’t do it for you, keep looking. I’ve had some losers and some winners when making almost the same dish. One ingredient can completely flip the taste and make it perfect. So, don’t give up if the first recipe you try comes out not so great.

2. Once You Start, You Will Get Hooked On Creating New Vegan Recipes

“In my spare time, I obsessively cook, eat, and cultivate plant-based recipes” – Chloe-Jasmine

Chloe-Jasmine posts a lot about vegan food on Facebook. I can’t blame her. It’s hard not to get excited about eating vegan food and creating vegan recipes once you get going.

Once I found some good vegan recipes for cheese, like this Almond Gruyere, I was hooked. I used my new knowledge of fermenting and tried out different recipes to create some cream cheeses and other cheese spreads that made me and my husband really happy.

I have a feeling that if you start digging into some vegan recipes based around your favorite foods, you will do the same.

You will start to think things like, “I wonder how this ingredient would taste in that recipe?” and, “I wonder if this ingredient would help me get that taste I’m looking for?” and then you will go out and cook, eat, and create new recipes. It’s a great way to get creative!

For instance, I’ve played with the following vegan sour cream recipe to create MY perfect sour cream. But, this base is damn good and a great place to start from.

3. Vegan Recipes Can Be Quick

“You don’t need a ton of time to cook a healthy vegan meal.” – Jenné Claiborne

Jenné is the creator of Sweet Potato Soul. And she is so right about how easy it can be to cook a quick and healthy vegan meal.

Most of the recipes I make are super easy and just require some peeling, boiling, baking, and patience.

Other recipes require some pre-planning. For instance, because I use fresh beans, any bean recipe requires some soaking and then a quick dip in the pressure cooker to cook.

And, most recipes with nuts that are going to act as a creamy element require some soaking beforehand to get the nuts softer and more creamy in texture.

But, that all comes second nature once you get used to it and only requires a minute of thinking and action on your part.

Plus, a lot of foods you make, such as hummus, coconut bacon, or sour cream, will be a staple in your fridge and you’ll just have to pull them out and add a little to your vegan recipes.

Here are some videos to prove my point.

4. Swap Ingredients To Easily Make Yummy Vegan Recipes

“Most vegan swaps work like an even exchange so that you won’t even notice the switch.” – Patricia Conte

Patricia Conte’s blog Grab A Plate is not completely vegan, but she is certainly right about vegan swaps. There are so many swaps that you can use, especially now with more vegan options coming out, that it can be easy to make some of your favorite meals vegan.

You just need to try out different things and see what works for you.

Probably one of the best ‘swap this for that’ videos I’ve seen is Sam Turnbull’s video. So here you go!

5. Don’t Worry About What Other People Think Of Your Vegan Recipes

“You do have to develop a thick skin if you are vegan because people are going to ask you the dumbest of all questions and people are going to judge you.” – Lauren Toyota

Lauren is the creator of Hot For Food and she is constantly coming up with new vegan recipes that are so good you won’t want to eat anything else. But, as she says, no matter how good your food is, you are still going to be asked a ton of questions and be judged for eating vegan foods.

Going vegan when your family and friends are not vegan is going to require some thick skin on your part. They are not going to understand it. They are going to ask you a ton of silly questions. And, sometimes they are going to make you feel bad for your food choices.

For instance, going to a Christmas dinner at your Italian mother-in-law’s house is not going to be easy. Or maybe that’s just my experience. Everything she cooks has meat, eggs, milk, fish, or cheese in it. Everything. So, there’s nothing to eat for me or my husband. And despite us telling her that we will bring our own food because we can’t eat her food, she still cooks a feast for thirty people when it’s just the two of us and then sets the table with that food. Then, of course, she throws a fit when we don’t eat it and tries to make us feel bad.

The thing is you need to be clear to your friends and family that you are eating vegan foods and are more than happy to bring your own vegan creations when needed.

And, if they try your food and don’t like it, then don’t take it personally.  A lot of people judge vegan food negativity and have decided that it tastes bad before they even get to try it. Many things influence how vegan food will taste to them, and even though they may like the food, their negative mindset towards it could cause them to give it a negative review.

I could go on and on about this point, but the bottom line is that if you find some vegan recipes you love, then make them and eat them. Don’t let other people influence how you feel about eating vegan foods or how they taste to you.

You can enjoy your own foods just like they can enjoy their own foods.

Let people do what feels right to them and do what feels right to you.

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