6 Affirmations To Use Right Now To Help With Anxiety

Anxiety doesn’t feel good. None of us want to feel panic over big things, little things, or what sometimes feels like nothing at all. If you are dealing with anxiety caused by worrying and stress, then these affirmations can help you to feel better.

Relieve Anxiety Affirmations

1. I’m Excited To Do [Fill In The Blank]

This is a great tip by Mel Robbins. She says that worry becomes a habit. And if your mind worries too much your body can start to worry and that can lead to panic. So, you need to interrupt patterns of thoughts that normally occur when you start to feel anxious.

2.  I Don’t Aim For Perfection

A lot of time anxiety can be caused by not doing what you expect of yourself. If you are a perfectionist, this can really be a problem.

The fact is that no one is perfect. No one can do things perfectly all the time. And when you put that type of pressure on yourself and then don’t reach it, you end up causing a lot of stress in your mind which can cause a lot of stress in your body.

Therefore, affirm to yourself that you don’t aim for perfection. You do the best you can do and that is always good enough.

3. I Laugh Often

Laughter goes a long way in reducing anxiety. Humor can transform the scary things into amusing things.

In fact, a good sense of humor can help you see even the most worrisome things in a different light, which can help reduce any anxiety that you would normally feel.

As you affirm to yourself that you are the type of person who laughs often, you will look for ways to laugh more often to live up to what you are affirming about yourself.

4. I Drink Lots Of Water

Water is so important for the body, but did you know that it can play a part in anxiety?

When you are dehydrated, you can experience heart palpitations. Because that’s a common symptom of anxiety, it can lead to panic and cause an anxiety attack.

So, affirm to yourself that you the type of person who drinks lots of water, and then let that affirmation encourage you to fill up your water glass and drink.

5. I Accept Uncertainty

If you are constantly saying, ‘What if…’ then you may be trying to predict what the future has in store for you and, usually, this leads to worst-case scenario thinking.

But, thinking about everything that could go wrong is not doing anything positive for you. It’s making your worry unnecessarily and keeping you in a state of anxiety over nothing.

In order to fight the need to know what’s going to happen and how things are going to turn out, you must embrace uncertainty. It will always be there, so why not embrace it and accept it.

6. I Have Faith

A way to help fight anxiety and embrace uncertainty is to have faith. If you have faith that things will work out for your best interest, then you don’t have to wonder and worry about what’s coming up. You can stay present and focused and look forward to the future with excitement rather than fear or worry.

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