8 Affirmations To Help You Enjoy Inner Peace

You deserve to enjoy inner peace as much as possible in your life. I would say the optimal amount of time would be 100%, but sometimes life happens and it’s hard to feel that inner peace that makes life so much more rewarding and worth living. If you struggle to enjoy inner peace, the following affirmations can help you to find it, hold onto it, and enjoy it.

Afirmations To Help You Enjoy Inner Peace

1. I Allow Myself To Feel Inner Peace

If you don’t allow it, who will?

You can’t wait for your mother, father, boyfriend, girlfriend, or anyone else to give you permission to enjoy inner peace. It’s solely up to you to choose to enjoy inner peace.

And you have that choice. You can choose to enjoy inner peace or you can choose to struggle. I recommend that you tell yourself that you deserve inner peace and then demand it into your life.


When you do, you will start to look for ways to bring more peace into your life so that you can enjoy it more.

2. I Reach For Success In Everything I Do

Success equals inner peace. When you feel like you’ve had a successful day, you feel less stressed, worried, and anxious.

In everything you do, reach for success. Allow yourself to always do your best and not worry about what could’ve been or should’ve been. If you do your best, you are going to feel a sense of inner peace no matter what happens.

3. I Do The Things I Love

Inner peace comes to people who are doing something that feels good to them.

I know a guy who feels inner peace at a rock concert. He feels still and peaceful despite the loud music.

When you are doing things you love, an inner calm comes over you despite what’s going on around you.

For me, going out in the cold morning air brings me inner peace. Working on an article that I believe in brings me inner peace. And, having a nice cup of coffee during my morning routine brings me inner peace. There are many other activities I do throughout the day because they feel good and they bring me that sense of calm that I love, no matter where I am or what’s going on around me.

4. I Choose Whose Energy Affects Me

Have you ever felt really good and then met up with someone who miserable and started to feel miserable yourself? Other people’s energy can affect you in a really big way – both good and bad.

If you are around someone who is positive and upbeat, you want to let their energy affect you. But, if you are around someone who is negative and miserable, you need to keep their energy away from yours so that you don’t get dragged down into a negative state of being.

The best way I know to do this is a technique I learned from Jeffrey Allen in his Duality course. Basically you put a rose (or any object really) in between you and other people, no matter how close or far away they are from you. Just put that rose in between you and let it absorb any of the energy you don’t want to come into your space.

You will be amazed at how well this rose can keep other people’s energy from touching you. I’ve had people almost right next to me and was able to avoid being affected by them because of my rose.

You can also have multiple roses if you have multiple people around you. Just put one in between you and everyone you see.

5. I Do Not Let The Behavior Of Others Destroy My Inner Peace

enjoy inner peace affirmations

Other people are going to be mean, rude, and dumb. You can’t let the way they behave affect your inner peace.

The rose technique helps with this, but I also find that it helps to look at people without judgment. Don’t look at them solely through your eyes, because that’s when you start to get upset. Instead, try to see things from their perspective.

Or, better yet, just let it be. If they are not hurting you or anyone else, then let them do whatever it is they feel like they need to do and remove yourself from the situation and do what you need to do.

6. Inner Peace Is All I Need

Inner peace is powerful. It makes you feel calm, happy and rewarded at the same time. It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, inner peace makes you feel the same way, which is why it is really all you need to be happy.

Inner peace also helps you take action in your life. You can clearly see what you want and paths to take to get it. There is no struggle going on in the mind that makes that vision fuzzy.

So, inner peace is all you need to live the life you want. Repeat this affirmation and remind yourself constantly how important finding and maintaining that inner peace is.

7. I Don’t Need To Prove Myself To Anyone

When you stop trying to prove yourself to others and just allow yourself to be who you are, then you can start feeling less like you need to be someone different and more inner peace with who you are.

I highly suggest you embrace your faults. Don’t try to hide them. They are a part of who you are, just like your greatness is a part of who you are. When you allow yourself to show others all of you, you stop feeling the need to prove yourself and you start feeling more inner peace.

8. I Pay Attention To Who I Am As A Person

I have a friend who pays attention to what she looks like and what people think of her, and that destroys her inner peace at every turn. I’ve known her my whole life and have never seen her at peace.

When you are worried about things like your looks more than the type of person you are, your inner peace will suffer. So, pay attention to how kind you are, how thoughtful and loving you are, and how much better you make people’s lives. That’s what matters.

Knowing you are doing a good job as a human will help bring much more inner peace than knowing you look flawless as a human.

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